Emergency Medical Services

The new addition to Custom’s fleet, the EC135P2+, is an ideal platform for Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) in the remote areas of Canada. This aircraft is a twin engine, Category A, Performance Class 1 helicopter capable of landing in unprepared sites as well as H1-restricted heliports in built-up city environments. IFR and NVG capability complete this aircraft’s long list of capabilities.

Primary HEMS Missions

Installing a purpose-built medical interior combines medical functionality with comfort and ease-of-use for medical staff. The high-set main rotor and Fenestron® tail rotor ensure the safety of crew when accessing the rear clamshell doors while the rotors are turning.

Secondary HEMS Missions

A modular design that can be adapted at a moment’s notice enables this helicopter to work in other market sectors (utility, oil & gas support, etc.) while maintaining the ability to perform medevac missions. A company-approved night heliport can be set up using portable lighting to enable 24-hour medevac support to your remote operation.

Additional helicopter types available upon request.